Queen Treatment - Vacial Kit

Queen Treatment - Vacial Kit

Treat yourself like the queen you are with a facial for your vaginal area.

We spend so much energy and care for the skin on our face. How about some love for your very own source of life and the portal that is uniquely yours?

1. Exfoliating after hair removal will prevent bumps, rashes and ingrown hairs. Sugaree sugars rub is the most gentle way to soothe while exfoliating your skin.

2. Restoring mist contains soothing herbs and witch hazel to keep bacteria from getting in the pores. Ramble on Rose is rose-rich with two different forms of rose infusions.

3. Anti-bacterial / anti-microbial / anti-inflammatory moisturizing salve to keep the herbs working and leave your precious skin feeling healthy and hydrated. Golden-Age Salve can also be used as a personal lubricant (the anti-inflammatory properties make it a dream).
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