Rooting in the Now - Grounding Gift Pack

Rooting in the Now - Grounding Gift Pack


Grounding is the sense of feeling rooted. In a digital era, we are constantly challenged to maintain our roots. The screen brings us so much stimulation from outside of ourselves and our immediate surroundings that it takes an effort for us to remain present in our own lives.

The best way that I've known to maintain that presence is to incorporate a practice of grounding. It is optimal to get outside on the earth and stand, bare-foot in the sunshine and fresh air and just breathe....but this time of year that presents some challenges.

My second best option is a 5-15 minute savasana. I love the rose-mint organic eye pillow for a more soothing affect...herbs are added to promote the olfactory hues of relaxation and refreshing.

Before I place my organic eye pillow on, I'll give myself a of Silent Trees Grounding Mist created from the essence of four of the most wonderful trees that grow in the desert mountain landscape of southern Colorado; pinon, ponderosa, cottonwood and juniper.

The DWD hand sanitizer is to help you feel that sense of cleanliness and well-being when you do need to leave the bubble of your home and / or sanctuary. The added aloe will aide in not over-drying your hands.

Be well all ways.

  • Ingredients

    Organic Eye Pillow: made with organic cotton, organic flax, organic rose and organic mint.

    DWD Herbal Infused Hand Sanitizer: 65% alcohol, aloe, distilled water, orange, rosemary, lemon, vitamin e.

    Silent Trees: water, aloe, pinon, cottonwood, juniper, ponderosa, vitamin e.

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