It was recently brought to my attention that we now have 5 seasons out here in the west; winter, spring, summer, fire and fall. The fires this season are raging. This is the way that our planet is taking care of herself and healing her forest, part of the natural cycle of the forest. 


Between the unbelievable amount of smoke this season and other viral bronchial risks present right now, we've been adding this forest medicine to our daily regimen to allevieate the build-up in our bronchials and add a bit of anti-viral to the daily program. 


5-10 drops daily (or 2 x daily if you're feeling like you've got a bit of extra mucus).


*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.


Ingredients: wild usnea, og. garden mint, 75% grain alcohol, distilled water.

Easy Wind - Lung Tonic

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