Honey Love - Mineral Highlighter Stick

Honey Love - Mineral Highlighter Stick

Have you ever used a highlighter stick? I hadn't heard of one until I was gifted one and now it's become one of my favorite cosmetic products. I use it as a rouge, lipstick and below-brow highter.
Honey Love is a golden, shimmery natural beauty enhancer that highlights your beautiful features. It has the effect to shine a light on you that is warm like the evening sun. 
It is a perfect addition to your natural make-up regimen or a stepping-stone into transtioning to more of a holistic beauty approach.
This is one for the queens, my sweet honey loves.

*Bonus: this formula contains non-nano zinc for added SPF protection. 
  • Ingredients

    coconut oil, beeswax, castor oil, organic hemp oil, rosehip oil, rose, cocoa butter, mica, mineral pigment, zinc, vitamin e.

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