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WTF is Glyphosate and why does it SUCK?

At our most raw state, we are all just human beings with basic needs. The same things that our mothers gave us in our earliest lives are still needs that we get to take care of multiple times every day. We get to consciously choose health and vitality with everything that we put in to fuel ourselves.

Our bodily functions are designed to take in vitality and excrete waste. Why not aid our biological needs by using the highest grade fuel? The cleaner the fuel, the easier it it is fr our bodies to maintain their desired healthy state.

So where do you begin? EAT ORGANIC FOOD. Better yet, grow your own organic food.

Industrial farming practices have left crops cross-contaminated with GMO crops and have depleted soil of most vital nutrients. Heavy use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides have been washed into our water sources because the soil has been over saturated with these poisons. Glyphosate is a main ingredient in a lot of these herbicides and has made it into our food chain by way of GMOs and conventional foods. Glyphosate is extremely harmful to humans and creates as tar-like buildup in our intestines that make it virtually impossible to absorb nutrients. Nutrients are the basis of all of the functions in our bodies. If we don't absorb the proper nutrition from the food we're consuming, the systems will not function the way they need to. So how do we get this stuff out of our bodies? There is one product that I know of that will remove glyphosate from intestines and restore the gut flora. It's the only one that I know of and it's called Biome Medic. The company, Purium, has incredible sustainable business practices, thorough regenerative and organic farming practice. They are revolutionizing health as well as business and empowering people to educate themselves and their friends/families. Time for us to take control of our health and operate at our highest frequencies. Tip-top mental shape begins with the gut. Opportunities are abundant and the cleaner your body + mind are the better success you'll have in all of your efforts. Want to try Biome Medic? The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee. Use code: mountainwellness for a $50 gift card on your first order. Please reach out if you'd like to learn more. I offer free 30 minute phone consults.

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