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Why Organic Isn't Enough Anymore

The top soil on our earth is depleted of nutrients. The food that our grandparents grew is not the same as the food that is being grown right now. The way that we as Americans eat is not the same as our grandparents ate.

As we see it now and in the direction that we are headed, there is about 70 years of farmable topsoil on our planet. The old ways of farming have leached nutrients from the soil for the sake of producing mass-crops to feed livestock. It's left the soil with no nutrients so the plants are empty but synthesized and enhanced with chemical fertilizers. On top of all this, we've been genetically altering our food to become franken-foods to adapt to the environment that we have altered.

It's really easy to get angry and point fingers at different industries but, for the sake of progressive momentum forward I would like to focus on the solutions and what we can do to make the planet a better place and sustain humanity.

  1. Grow your own. Gardening can be so therapeutic for our mental health as well as our GI and gut health.

  2. Buy your food from farmers who integrate regenerative farming practices.

  3. Clear the chemicals out of your body so you can start absorbing your nutrients.

The chemicals that are used on our foods are stored in our large intestine and prohibit our bodies absorption of nutrients. If we are not actively removing them, they are just building up and holding us back from our optimum nutrition. So, all of the money that we spend on food doesn't really seem worth it if we're not getting the nutrients from it, right?

No need to loose hope, the gut lining can start to rebuild itself within a few days. Our bodies want to be healthy and are striving to regenerate....all we need to do is support them with the nutrients they need to grow.

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