Updated: Mar 24

Did you know that we are made up of over 70% water and that babies in utero are made of 95% water?!

Did you know that each of our organs' functions depends on proper hydration? Through dietary, lifestyle and environmental toxins, each of those organs are constantly in a state of detox. The longest period of of detox happens while we sleep. In order to best support our bodies' functions, we should start our day with a large glass of water before consuming anything else. Warm lemon water is recommended to kick off your digestive system. Start with one 8oz glass and work your way up to 32 oz.

Think of how awful it feels to be dehydrated. Headaches, cramps, joint pain. How easy it is to avoid that by staying hydrated? The cleaner the source of water you have access to, the better it is for your bodies functionality.

If you have access to a freshwater spring, this is the most ideal source. There are places in your community to have water tested if you are unsure of the contaminants or mine tailings that could be affecting your source. 

Water filtration. There are many paths to go this way. You probably should do a little research on the water in your area to see what it's contaminants are before you decide on your water filtration system. Different filtration systems focus on different contaminants. They can get rather pricey so before investing be sure that you know what you need to filter.

Your skin is your largest organ. You absorb toxins in your skin. If your bathing water is tainted with heavy minerals and other contaminants, you will be absorbing them through your skin, especially if you have steam showers at home. This should be a factor into the water filtration you decide on. The ideal situation would be a whole home system...a little spendy, but then again so are the consequences of tainted water.

Don't be overwhelmed. Any step in the right direction will be good for you and your family. Start with a simple drinking water carbon filter. The most simple solution and it will help to get rid of things like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, heavy metals, asbestos, and chlorine.

Eat raw fruit! It is one of the best ways to stay hydrated fruit has about  85% water content while raw vegetables have a slightly lower biologically available water content.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens has some wonderful research on water and most of my information is from his book "Conscious Eating." It is definitely one to keep on your book shelf. Good luck and stay hydrated! It's one of the key factors to alkalinity and longevity.


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