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Rise Up / Come Together

Revolution requires EVOLUTION

What are you holding onto that doesn't serve you any longer? What is holding you back?

The past is done, we cannot change it or go back in time. We can learn from our experiences, become more compassionate through them and continue to evolve. We all have a story and experiences that have shaped us....they don't need to be a weight that holds us down or inhibits our current growth.

How do we shed that weight to become lighter?

The present is a guarantee. NOW is where the nectar is and there is no promise that the next will happen.

How do we exist in this current moment?

The future....there's no promise that we will get there, so don't worry about it. If we continue to live our best in the present moment, it will lay a beautiful path right to our best future. The changes we are looking for on a grand scale originate inside of ourselves on a micro scale. Having compassion and love for ourselves will help us have compassion and love for one another. Refining our purpose and truth while listening to one another discover their own will get us to exactly where we need to be.

This is a revolution of love and compassion. The origin of this love is embedded in our cells. It's hard to hear that cellular communication because of the overload of toxicity we've been spoon-fed.

Self-love begins with removing toxicity (thoughts, words, deeds) and refining clarity of our own needs....let's go to the root of the problems so we can heal once and for all.

Every moment is an opportunity to move towards love. The more we can choose cellular love, the more we will cellularly evolve....then, authentic revolution will happen. It is a constant evolution that is why it's called a movement.

Together we rise; one race, one planet, one love.

I see you. I am you. I love you.

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