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Meditation is for Everyone

Meditation can happen anywhere and anytime. It does not have to be attached to any spiritual experience or organized religion. You don't need anything to practice. It is as simple as it looks. You sit, close your eyes and simply breathe. The object is to be fully absorbed into the now so that we can become more aware. You do not have a choice in what happens to you, but you do have a choice in how you react to any given scenario.

We have tendencies to hold onto our pasts and live in our futures. Our pasts just are; there is nothing that we can change. They are experiential lessons we can learn from. Our pasts are the path to now. Everything that you have done then has brought you to where you are now. This is a mindset that can lead you to live a life of no regrets and aide in your journey to contentment.

The future is not promised to us, so worrying about what may happen is not a productive use of time. Of course preparing for tomorrow or next week is a reasonable way to live; grocery shopping for the following week, planning your vacation or thinking of the tasks you're trying to accomplish for the next year. However, exist in the present as you are doing these things. Be aware of how you are feeling in the moment, be aware of how you perceive the world as you are moving through your day.

Meditation is a practice that is learned through practice. Find a quiet spot to sit or lay. Close your eyes and hold yourself completely still. Observe your breath as it comes and goes, observe your thoughts as they come and go, the practice is to not get caught up in any of those thoughts. We will never stop the thoughts from coming, they will always be there, but we can practice detachment to the thoughts.

Integrating the practice into your daily life is a lifetime of work. It will bring awareness to the way that we are living our lives and creates a deeper purpose.

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