Getting Grounded

Grounding is the practice of physically connecting to the earth. There is a symbiotic relationship that we have to our planet.

The word human is derived from the root humus; meaning soil. The same microbes that are found in the soil also exist in our gut lining. As we move further away from our natural diets and habitats and by consuming increasing amounts man-made chemicals and increased digital engagement, we start to lose the connection to our natural world.

The best way to center ourselves and reconnect with the one planet that we rely on for survival; get grounded. Stand barefoot on the earth, dig in the soil, hug trees, hold stones, stand in the river, connect yourself to the nature and listen to her. The same rhythms that run through her, also run through us....we are all made from the same minerals and elements.

Wintertime can make it challenging to stand barefoot on the earth, so I've blended this grounding mist made from the essence of four trees that grow prolifically in southern Colorado; cottonwood, pinon, ponderosa and juniper. I use it as a way to pause and inhale the essence of nature in times that I can't take off my shoes and feel the planet with the soles of my feet.

Spritz; inhale all that is good, exhale anything that you wish to let go. Continue this breathing practice until you feel calm, fresh and rejuvenated.

We are all one.

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