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Eat a rainbow, everyday.

The age-old saying never ceases to ring true; you are what you eat. Want to break free from the heard? Want to be peaceful, light and embody non-violence towards all living beings? Are you ready to evolve to your highest version of yourself? You must eat low on the food chain to have a cellular understanding of what this means. Consuming animals and animal products stagnates the digestive system and is taxing on your body's organs. It is also consumptive on our planet's resources.

Our sweet planet is overworked. The meat and dairy industry is destroying the fresh water sources, one of the largest contributor to greenhouse gases and eliminating species from deforestation and fire in the rainforest. If we collectively cut back on meat and dairy consumption; most of these problems would be resolved.

Human beings are adaptable. Look how many different 'diets' are out there today. I advocate for a plant-based diet because it is the least violent way to eat. If 100% vegan is out of your capability right now, let's just aim for more plants / less meat + dairy.

Fruit is mother nature's gift to us. It naturally is appealing; it grows at our eye-level in bright, striking colors and when the it is ripe to consume, the plant will drop it from it's branches. Could you imagine walking under an apple tree and a perfectly ripe apple drops from the branches into your hands? Is there a more peaceful way to eat?

Vegetables will alkalize and cleanse our digestive tract, making it more available for absorbing minerals. A wide variety of nutrients are found in vegetables and consuming them in place of meat will cut down your risk of so many common diseases.

Beans, nuts, grains; all are incredible sources of protein and use significantly less energy to grow than an equivalent amount of meat. There is a lot of momentum behind the 'plants that taste like animals' movement; which may help be a transition into replacing the meat on your plate with plants.

Are you a new herbivore and don't know where to begin? Start with a rainbow. Try and fill your plate with each color for each meal. Can be fun, and will ensure that you've consumed most essential nutrients.

Feeling like you need a little more sustenance? You might want to consider adding a little supplemental nutrients to your diet as you're getting the hang of your new lifestyle. This Super Meal has been the best that I've found so far. I also really like their Power Shake (berry flavor) as a pick-me-up. Both have incredible sources of plant protein and a number of other supplements that are often overlooked. (*Be sure to use code: mountainwellness at checkout for $50 off your first purchase!)

Health is my passion and has been for the past 16 years. I've been vegetarian for since 2003 and vegan since 2005. I'm an avid athlete and have really tuned in the plant-based diet for the mountain lifestyle. It is my mission to share what I know with the world; so PLEASE reach out with questions, thoughts, concerns. I offer free 30 minute consults. Let's take our health back!

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